7th October is Deadline for Objections to Wisley New Town

As previously reported, Taylor Wimpey has submitted planning application 22/P/01175 to build a new town on Green Belt on the former Wisley Airfield, see www.wisleyairfield.com/. The detailed plans are on the Guildford Borough Website. Comments on the planning application must be submitted by Friday 7 October.

The site is located next to the A3 and close to M25 Junction 10 . To the north and west of the site are the Ockham and Wisley Commons, part of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (see the GBC website for further details at www.guildford.gov.uk/article/24600/Special-protection-areas). And the west side of the A3 is RHS Wisley Gardens.

The previous planning application 15/P/00012, was refused by the Planning Inspector after appeal on 13 June 2018.

Wisley Action Group wisleyactiongroup.co.uk/ have some ideas for objecting. And the Villages Against Wisley New Town, has produced some template objection letters, see VAWNT Template Objection Letters.

Anyone who wishes to object should do so by Friday 7 October, via the GBC website 22/P/01175 – Comments.

Alternatively by sending an email to planningenquiries@guildford.gov.uk, quoting the planning application 22/P/01175, and providing your name and full postal address.

3 thoughts on “7th October is Deadline for Objections to Wisley New Town”

  1. This is such an awful proposal in many ways. The infra structure can not cope with so many buildings, the surrounding villages would be swallowed up and the whole area become another London suburb. The road system is already overloaded and the roads in poor condition, the doctors’ surgeries too are overworked with not enough staff and the hospitals. What will happen to the green belt and the wildlife corridor? Each of the surrounding villages are already facing the threat of being overdeveloped so we really don’t need a new town in close proximity.

    1. Spot on Felicity!…… “Green belt” land is “Green belt” land!!!… It should be for wildlife, fauna, flora and human preservation and not to be turned into a “concrete jungle!”

  2. Fantastic job of providing template for the Wisley objection.
    I have submitted mine by email plus my wifes and two friends.
    Please keep these info emails coming. Thankyou.

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