EFFRA AGM report

EFFRA’s AGM for the year 2019 to 2020 was held on Zoom at 8.15 pm on Thursday 28th May 2020. It was attended by 24 residents.

Apart from re-electing the Honorary Officers, Committee Members, Road Wardens and Examiner and approving the Annual Accounts three small changes were made to the Association’s Constitution. The financial year of the Association will now follow the calendar year and the AGM will therefore be held in January or February. Because of the Covid-19 outbreak the Executive Committee has been given authority in exceptional circumstances to defer Annual General Meetings, General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings, beyond the required or notified dates or to hold them by other means such as virtually by using appropriate technology, that is open to all residents without charge or in the case of Executive Committee meetings by email communication. The Executive Committee will shortly hold its first meeting of the next financial year when it will elect its Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

The revised Constitution has been published on the EFFRA website here

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