EFFRA Objects to 99 houses on Howard of Effingham site

EFFRA has objected regarding the detailed design of the reserved matters planning application 21/P/00428.

At the appeal, the planning inspector approved for up to 99 dwellings on the site. This planning application is for the detailed design of those 99 dwellings. EFFRA has raised concerns over a number of issues including
Over-development and perceived density

  • The effect on the street scene in Lower Road
  • the effect of the KGV Playing Fields and Effingham Conservation area
  • The open space
  • Inadequate links to the local footpath network
  • The effect on the designated graveyard of All Saints Church, and Little Bookham conservation area
  • Lack of Parking spaces
  • Dark skies
  • Drainage
  • Bat Roost
  • The Gatekeepers Lodge

You can see the detailed objections EFFRA Objection to 21-P-00428 Howard of Effingham School site (which should be on the GBC website soon)

Anyone who wishes to comment on the planning application should do so by Friday 16 April on the GBC website here

5 thoughts on “EFFRA Objects to 99 houses on Howard of Effingham site”

  1. What an excellent and comprehensive letter! Clearly a great deal of thought and investigation has gone into it. Well done and thank you.

    1. Hope you have made a comment on the GBC website. Unfortunately if you have signed a petition it doesn’t count.

  2. Berkeley have not followed requirements and should not be given permission until their plans are clear and respect the guidelines. They need to respect the environment including issues like bat roosts, light pollution, flooding and drainage as well as new build environmental requirements . They should have considered the conservation area and aspect of any new building and how it will affect and change … Also the area is extremely congested with traffic at certain times and cars should not be allowed to park on roads, there must be enough car parking provided so that double yellow lines could be added , there are far too many cars on the roads which is not safe for an area with such a huge school.

    1. Hope you have left on comment on the GBC planning website. If you signed a petition to object, sadly it won’t count.

  3. Clearly BH are bent on making a profit – as much of as possible – from this development, and in so doing driving roughshod over the wishes of the residents. This is typical of a developer; a land and expand strategy, which is going to ruin the Green Belt, and destroy the essence of this village. While there is a need for a new school, we have to ask ourselves, “at what cost to the community?” We all need to make our voices heard, or we will just become another anonymous, concreted and tarmacced extension of a developer’s greed.

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