EFFRA objects to change of use of School Playing Fields

Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA) has objected to the proposal by Berkeley Homes for the change change of use of the Howard of Effingham School playing fields from educational to public outdoor recreational – planning application MO/2021/1472. Due to inadequate details and conditions.

Berkeley Homes’ plans for the playing fields which are in Mole Valley (east of the parish boundary) are dependent on the new Howard of Effingham school being built, for which planning permission has already been granted by Guildford Borough Council (GBC). However, Berkeley Homes has stated that rebuilding the school is not financially viable with the current 295 enabling homes. And has submitted planning applications for an extra 110 homes on the Green Belt – planning applications 21/P/01283 and 21/P/01306.  GBC has yet to make a determination on those planning applications, so the status of rebuilding the new school is uncertain at present.

Unfortunately the planning application for the change of use of the playing fields leaves a number of unanswered questions. Such as what happens if the application is approved and the new school is not built? Who will be the long term owner of the recreation area? Who will be responsible for maintaining the site? Complications arise also because two different planning authorities are involved over the whole development.

You can read EFFRA’s full objection at EFFRA Objection MO-2021-1472

Anyone who wishes to comment on the planning application, should do so via the Mole Valley planning website here by Friday 10 September.

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