EFFRA objects to Sir Douglas Haig planning application

Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA) has objected to some aspects of the planning application, 20/P/01128, to develop the Sir Douglas Haig site. Details of the planning application documents can be read on the Guildford Borough Council (GBC) website here. EFFRA’s objection can be read here

Anyone who wishes to comment on the planning application should do so via the GBC website here, by 28 August.

1 thought on “EFFRA objects to Sir Douglas Haig planning application”

  1. I noticed the SCC Highways response has been added to the GBC planning portal for the proposed development. It says this:

    “The total number of existing parking spaces are reduced and the car parking usage is unlikely to
    result in a significant displaced parking on the surrounding streets.”

    Is there any way in which they can be made to justify this assertion? What data are they using to reach this conclusion? This seems to be a belief plucked out of the air with no reference to how it was arrived at. Would EPC, EFFRA and Julie Iles be prepared to make a FOI request to find out how and why SCC Highways believe that completely closing a pub car park won’t displace visiting vehicles onto surrounding streets?

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