126th Annual Parish Meeting

All Effingham residents are invited to the 126th Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 12th April 2022 at 8pm, in King George V Hall, Browns Lane, Effingham. KT24 5MD.
Effingham local government electors and residents may bring up any issues related to the village for debate with the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council.


1. To approve the draft minutes of the 13th of April 2021 (125th) Annual Parish Meeting.
2. To receive the Parish Council’s Chairman’s report on EPC activities for the year 2021/22.
3. Vice-Chairman & attending councillors to take questions from local residents.
4. Talk from Cllr Jerome Muscat (chair of Effingham Climate Change Working Group) “What we’re doing about climate change in Effingham”.
5. Questions & Answers opportunity
6. Report from the Trustees of the Henry Smith Charity, Effingham.
7. Vote of thanks.

Full details are on the Effingham Parish Council website, where the Agenda may be downloaded, along with the draft minutes of the previous annual parish meeting

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