Annual survey of Public Rights of Way

Parish Councillor Cliff Hackett is organising checking on the state of Effingham’s Public Rights of Way (Byways, Bridleways and Footpaths). A map of Effingham’s Rights of Way is available on the EFFRA’s website Rights of Way map.

Cliff Hackett has already arranged to walk a circuit starting in Orestan Lane covering FP120 BW121, FP122 BW122 and BW598, BW20, BY101 and FP119.

Please contact Cliff on 01372 459113 if you are able to cover any of the other Bridleways and Footpaths. Any defects should be reported via the Surrey County Council website at Cliff is able to help with completing the form.

1 thought on “Annual survey of Public Rights of Way”

  1. Hi Cliff

    I live next to the Vineries Garden Centre and frequently cover Footpath 119a and 76, amongst others. I’d be delighted to keep an eye officially if that is helpful.


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