Berkley Homes Appeal decision delayed until 22 March

The Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government has announced that the decision on the Appeal, APP/Y3615/W/16/3151098 by Berkley Homes & Howard of Effingham into refusal of planning application 14/P/02109, previously expected by 22 February, has been delayed because of the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum which is taking place on 22 February 2018. “He considers that the referendum is of potential relevance to this case and having given the matter careful consideration, he has decided that this case should not be determined until after the result of the referendum“. The decision will now be made on or before 22 March 2018.

1 thought on “Berkley Homes Appeal decision delayed until 22 March”

  1. The Minister should have already made his decision on the Berkeley Homes appeal but it’s now a case that due to other local matters the announcement has yet again been delayed.

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