Beware of Scammers

Several Effingham residents have been targetted recently by scammers, or better known as criminals. They will ask you for your personal details, and then ask you to transfer money from your account to thiers. Of course, they use a number of techniques to trick you in thinking that they are legtimate.

Just because someone knows your telephone number or email address does not mean that they are legtimate. There are hundres of different ways that criminals can get hold of your personal details. Maybe some other person or organisation didn’t keep them safe and secure.

If an organisation contacts you, assume that they are criminals, especially if they start asking questions about you. Be very suspicious.
When you contact your bank by telephone, they ask you a number of security questions to confirm your identity. Well the reverse is true, if they contact you, then they have to proof who they are.

Banks, Amazon, PayPal, etc. won’t be asking you to transfer your money to another account. Only criminals do that.
Be very careful who you give your personal details to.

Keep your computer safe and secure, by making sure you have latest security patches installed.
Keep safe and secure online by not using the same password for each account, and using a complex password (at least 8 characters of random characters.

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