Church Street planning application refused

Last night (Wed. 3 February), Guildford Planning Committee decided to refuse the planning application 19/P/01726 to build 17 houses on the Church Street site.

Earlier in the week, the Parish Council obtained legal advise about the planning application. His opinion was that the planning officials had erred in giving too much weight to the Local Plan, and had not properly considered the Planning Inspectors report on the Neighbourhood Plan, and the impact the development would have on the Conservation area, and the surrounding historic buildings. The planning policies in the Neighbourhood Plan are consistent with the Local Plan, and should have been taken into account.

EFFRA Chairman Vivien White, and planning consultant Charlotte Grant gave presentations against the development. Our Borough Councillor, Liz Hogger also gave an excellent presentation of the arguments against the development.

1 thought on “Church Street planning application refused”

  1. Thank you to all involved for working so hard to successfully challenge this latest planning application. I’m sure it is much appreciated by those whose who live nearby and who would be so adversely affected. I would like to think that the property speculators will finally realise that only a small development that is sensitive to the locality will be acceptable, but realistically I suspect we can anticipate further attempts.

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