Coffee shop opens in The Street

The former Coffee Bar in The Street, Effingham, has been bought by Euna and Ian who have reopened it as Layla’s. Ian is a professional chef and it will be Euna who will generally run the café. It will serve single origin coffee from Peru along with other beverages and will also offer a range of food (much of it cooked by Ian) including quiche, cakes and sandwiches. Euna and Ian aim to be eco-friendly and to source as much as possible locally. They are looking forward to living in and becoming part of our local community. EFFRA wishes them every success.

Their opening hours currently are Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

7 thoughts on “Coffee shop opens in The Street”

  1. That’s grand. Excited to see this at a time when independent coffee houses with thoughtful sourcing are very much the now and the future.

    I like a flat white, and most coffee houses fib and say they can make one, but then present you with some sort of latte. The proof is in the quality and honesty (unlike our Prime Minister!) . If that’s there (like Arnie) I’ll be back.

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