County Council Elections on 4 May 2017

County Council elections take place every four years. The next County Council elections are on 4 May 2017.

There are five candidates standing for election in the Horsley Division, which Effingham residents can vote for in the coming election.

  • Cane, Robert Maurice – UKIP
  • Fiddes, Carolyn – Labour Party
  • Iles, Julie Deborah – Conservative Party
  • James, Ann – Green Party
  • Kennedy, Paul Gilbert – Liberal Democrats

The full list of Candidates standing for election as County Councillors, and details of the upcoming elections is available on Surrey County Council website here

2 thoughts on “County Council Elections on 4 May 2017”

  1. Why don’t we get hustings any more, where these candidates could be grilled on what they want to achieve for our area? At most a leaflet which is little more than meaningless platitudes and dogma is shoved through our letter boxes. Frequently I get nothing at all. How can this be local democracy in action when we don’t know what we’re voting for or where the candidates stand on the critical local issues which face our Division? How can we tell how effective they’ll be as our local councilor if they won’t even take face-to-face questions from their constituents? And they wonder why people regard politics and politicians with contempt…

  2. Jeremy makes a very valid point. In the 47 years in which I have lived in Effingham, I recall only one occasion, in all elections, when a candidate has knocked on my door to speak to me.

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