Criminal damage at KGV

The criminal damage that has occurred at the KGV car park is utterly disgraceful. Not only were the chain and gate catch damaged, but also paint sprayed on the ground was “Opened by James Nicholls“.

This is going to cost a lot of money to repair, and the costs will ultimately be born by either the users of the KGV in increased charges, or the Parish Council who will be asked for support, which will no doubt mean that the Parish Precept will have to raise, which means Effingham residents will have to pay for this Criminal Damage. Whilst there was frustration with the gates been closed, there is absolutely no excuse for criminal damage.

It has also been rumoured that an individual has being making themselves a through nuisance at Trustees homes. Without knowing the details, this would seem to be criminal harassment which is totally unacceptable, and totally inappropriate behaviour.

Anyone who has any complaints about KGV, should make them to the manager of the KGV, Bob Austin, on 01372 451925, or via email at Please keep your language polite, no matter how frustrated you may feel.

Hopefully the trustees will press criminal charges against those involved, as it is not right that residents and/or users of the KGV should have to pay to repair the damage caused.

4 thoughts on “Criminal damage at KGV”

  1. Thank you for the update. I suspect, however, that if the trustees had been more open and informative at an earlier stage all this palava could have been avoided.

  2. The trustees and management need to get over themselves, communicate with the community (listening, not whingeing) and get KGV working properly.
    You are trustees of a community asset, so behave like the trustees of a community asset.

  3. How about these complainers taking a few moments to think about the many hours of work the volunteer Trustees of EVRT do, completely unpaid and mostly unthanked, to keep theses facilities safe and available to the whole community of Effingham? Throughout this coronavirus crisis, the grounds have been open, well-maintained and much enjoyed by our local community, and it’s great that the playgrounds are open again and available to local children.
    The security measures, including closing the car park, were clearly intended to avoid another traveller incursion, as happened a few years ago. Doubtless if an incursion happened again, the Trustees would get the blame for the lack of security.
    Now the Trustees have to deal with an act of criminal damage to the charity’s property, the day before the security bollards were due to be installed so that the car park could be safely opened again.
    I do hope the EVRT Trustees know that most people in our community are very grateful to them for taking on this very onerous responsibility, and they should take no notice of the nasty critical comments on this site from the very few discontented.

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