Crowdfund Guildford

Have you heard about the new community crowdfunding platform just for Guildford?

Crowdfund Guildford is a new crowdfunding platform where local people can get funding and support from the community and other funders to bring their project to life. You might want to start a project that gives young people in your area a safe space, you might see a need to improve green space, or you might have ideas for a community event. Whatever idea you have, Crowdfund Guildford is the place to make it happen.

Guildford Borough Council will be supporting ideas that local people and businesses get behind and have created Guildford Community Fund to offer up to £5,000, or 50% of their fundraising target. The total funding pot available is £100,000, which they will be spending over two years. You can also unlock funding from other backers through Crowdfund Guildford, such as individuals and businesses. Find out if you are eligible.

If you are interested in learning more but unable to attend the workshop, please email to get a copy of the recording.

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