Cycle Race – 10 July

Kelly Storage Charity Events

Kelly Storage Charity Events

Kelly’s Summer Cycle will start at 07:30 in King George V Playing Fields on Sunday 10 July. There are four cycle races of difference distances. Three races start at 08:00, and a children’s race starting at 10:00

The route will take riders along Effingham Common Road, and will return down Beech Avenue.

For further details of the routes and the event here


1 thought on “Cycle Race – 10 July”

  1. So forget about trying to exit Orestan Lane on Sunday morning. There is nothing on the Kelly’s site about static marshals ie ones helping cyclists and traffic at dangerous junctions.

    Why is there nothing on the EPC web site about this event? This is the village organisation which ought to be warning residents about this, about likely numbers of cyclists and anticipated congestion and impact on day-to-day activities. Are there any road closures in and around the village? Have Kellys advised the village on how many cyclists have registered for the event? How is it benefiting the village or the KGV for example? It’ll certainly impact on residents wanting to get around the village during the morning.

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