Don’t lose your right to vote in next year’s local elections

Guildford Borough Council (GBC) are inviting residents to check the details they hold on the Electoral Register. GBC do this every year to make sure their records are accurate and complete.

Some people will start receiving digital communications from Friday 5 August. Where a paper form is necessary, GBC will be posting letters in mid-August.

If GBC hold an email address or telephone number for electoral purposes and the process allows, they will send an email or text.

Emails will show the sender as Texts will show When you reply, the recipient should display as

Responding online is quick and easy to do. The official Guildford household information web site is:

If you do not reply to GBC’s communications, they will contact you again. This might be by email, letter, or phone. If you still do not reply, you may get a visit at your home.

Electoral Registration Officer of Guildford Borough Council, Tom Horwood says:
We have full borough and parish council elections in May 2023. It is very important that the electoral register is up-to-date for these and any other elections that take place. If it is not correct, you might lose your ability to vote.

When you receive an electronic message or paper form from us, please check the information. It takes only a few minutes. A quick response will help us to keep the register accurate and will avoid any further letters from us.

The revised electoral register will published on 1 December.

If you would like to know more about how the process works, please visit the GBC web site.

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