EFFRA complains to GBC regarding removal of Beech hedge in Beech Avenue

Residents will have noticed the removal of the old beech hedges in Beech Avenue and Beech Close which were such an important feature of the road. These hedges were supposed to be protected when the small development there was allowed by Guildford Borough Council (GBC). A number of residents have told EFFRA how angry and let down they feel about this.

EFFFRA has today submitted a formal complaint to Tom Horwood, Joint Chief Executive of Guildford and Waverley Borough Councils regarding the part of the GBC Planning Department in this matter and their failure to require the developer to remove the out of character close boarded fences that have been erected and replant the beech hedges as they were. EFFRA is awaiting a response from GBC and trusts that as a result the council will take the necessary remedial action.

3 thoughts on “EFFRA complains to GBC regarding removal of Beech hedge in Beech Avenue”

  1. Thanks to EFFRA for escalating this issue. Fingers crossed the developer will be forced to plant new beech hedges. It is important that the developer plants UK native trees on the road. No red robins or laurel which are not native. Thanks again EFFRA and please keep us informed.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me, where a developer rides roughshod over the planning department of the borough Council. They seem to do what want and argue about later. The clue is in the name of the road, Beech Avenue. Let’s hope that GBC makes the developer remove this awful fence and plant a beech hedge.

  3. When the Howard of Eff (school) village 30%, then 40% uplift housing development got the go despite an overwhelming lack of local resident (Effingham and GBC) support, all the mature trees on lower road right outside the school were immediately cut down. Stumps, rather than an established corridor of large trees exist today. Despite being on the verge outside, not within the site itself, and as far as I’m aware not tabled for removal, they were cut down. No consequences, no replacement. ? Despite us having an EPC and ERRA?

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