EFFRA supports petition to improve crossing safety at Primary School

A petition has been launched by a parent at St Lawrence Primary School on behalf of parents, residents and staff at the school because of concern that the current crossing points to the school are unsafe. There have been recent incidents of lorries hitting the railings outside the school and children being hit by cars although fortunately they have not been hurt. The recent traffic fatality nearby has heightened concerns. A full safety review is requested and the provision a provision of safe pedestrian access to the school, preferably by a pelican crossing, or by a crossing attendant or other effective means.

The petition which will go to the Joint Committee of Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council on 20th March which has the authority to take appropriate action. The petition will close for signatures on 6th March.

EFFRA fully supports the petition as it believes there is insufficient provision at the double roundabout at school opening and closing times to ensure children’s safety. It recommends that residents sign it either online at: https://petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/EffinghamSafety/ or the paper version at the Village Supermarket

At 22nd February there were already 92 supporting signatures, but a large number of signatories are needed tol add weight to the case being presented for safe pedestrian access to the school.

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