EPC agrees funding for Temporary Village Store

At an Extraordinary Meeting of Effingham Parish Council this evening (Thursday 14th May) by a vote of seven to one, a grant was agreed of £5,000, with more help possible if needed, to the Effingham and Little Bookham Parorchial Church Council to set up a temporary village shop in Layla’s Cafe on The Street during the period when the cafe is closed during the coronavirus emergency. The aim is to provide a food shop which is easily accessible for elderly and vulnerable people in the village and families who rely on benefits, during the period when the Village Supermarket and Bevans Butchers are closed following the fire on 21st April. The TVS will be managed by a volunteer management team. Guildford Borough Council’s Aspire Fund is also making a grant of £5,000.

The temporary village store is expected to open on Tuesday 19th May.

5 thoughts on “EPC agrees funding for Temporary Village Store”

  1. I’m delighted about this. A huge well done to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to make the Community Store a reality!

  2. I am so pleased to make a good use of our cafe layla’s for the community.
    Well done everybody

  3. This is great news! Hopefully this offers the shop owners some comfort and hope in what must have been a distressing and overwhelming situation. Surprised it wasn’t a unanimous vote in favour.

    1. Dear Sharon,
      Thank you for your kind offer to Volunteer. We have managed to muster several people to start us going, but we are also putting together a list of possible ‘reserves’. Please could you email me on rev.mandymacvean@gmail.com. if you are still interested. With many thanks, Reverend Mandy.

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