Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 6 Jan.

Effingham Parish Council (EPC) will hold an extraordinary council meeting on Friday 6 January at 8pm, in the Village Room of the KGV Hall, Browns Lane.

To CONSIDER and DECIDE on the matter of the proposed Judicial Review following the allowing of Berkeley Homes Appeal.
Ref: APP/Y3615/W/22/3298341 North Lodge Farm, Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead KT24 5JP.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe. At the Chairman’s discretion they may be invited to speak during any item.

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 6 Jan.”

  1. I was involved with 3 Judicial Reviews against a Borough Council who had decided to lease 61 acres of public land to a football club for 999 years at a peppercorn rent. Understandably the residents and multiple users fought against this loss but after 3 JRs we won and the land is now back in the public domain so it was well worth it.

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