Guildford’s Local Plan faces judicial review as opponents claim inspector’s reasoning ‘flawed’ and ‘irrational’

Some details about the reasons for the application for a judicail review of Guildford’s Local Plan have begun to emerge.

Ockham Parish Council claim the the Planning Inspector failed to identify exceptional circumstances, as required by the National Planning Policy Framework, for removing the old Wisely Airfield from the Green Belt.

Compton Parish Council have made a similar claim about the failure to identify exception circumstances for the removal of the Blackwell Farm site from the Green Belt.

Julian Cranwell has made a similar claim about the removal of the villages from the Green Belt.

Guildford Borough Council has yet to decide how they will respond to the judical review, although they do not believe that any unlawfulness has occurred by the Council.

A judge will review the applications and decide whether or not to permit a full hearing.

Read the full article in GetSurrey here

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