Highway Improvement Measures agreed following St Lawrence Primary School Safety Petition

A meeting on 3rd July of the Joint Committee of Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council noted the Highway Improvement Measures agreed by Surrey Highways in response to the Petition by Claire Jones regarding Road Safety outside St Lawrence Primary School. The measures have been included on the Guildford scheme running list for future prioritisation in the next financial year programme which means that their implementation will be at least a year away and will depend on how they are prioritised next to other schemes. There are some 500 road safety schemes currently on the list. Officers are also to seek any alternative sources of financing.

Vivien White, EFFRA Chairman deputised for Claire who was unable to attend. Ian Symes, Parish Council Chairman also attended to demonstrate the support of the Parish Council. Vivien spoke to the Joint Committee and whilst welcoming the measures asked that they be given the highest priority because of the current safety situation, the recent nearby fatal traffic accident and the imminent new school and Berkeley Homes developments which will involve heavy construction traffic using this junction. She also asked for a 20 mph speed limit to be introduced as had been requested in the petition. This was supported by two councillors but was not agreed.

It was noted that the speeds in the speed tests near the junction were very high – averaging 42 mph going north and 37 mph going south. These are to be re-run as the engineer thought there may have been a machine malfunction.

The road improvement measures include three raised road tables, installation of bollards and double yellow lining vegetation clearance and enhancement of the mini roundabout domes and the full report can be read here

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