KGV Under 8s Playground opened by daughter of Sir Barnes Wallis

Elisabeth Gaunt, daughter of Effingham’s former famous resident Sir Barnes Wallis, opened the Under 8s Playground at the KGV Playing Fields on Saturday 16th March.Elisabeth Gaunt at opening of Toddlers Playground

Despite the windy weather many residents and their children attended the opening and then enjoyed the new playground.The new open Playground 16 March 2019
The organisers of the playground appeal would like to thank residents for their help and support and also EVRT trustees for letting them organise the appeal. But most of all they would like to thank everyone who so generously donated and made possible the building of such a great new playground for our children.The organisers of Toddlers Playground Appeal

2 thoughts on “KGV Under 8s Playground opened by daughter of Sir Barnes Wallis”

  1. It looks amazing Thank you everyone. I wish it was like this when I used to visit with my grandchildren some 2 years ago.

    1. Well done everyone. I was there at the opening and the playground looks fantastic. The excitement on the faces of the children showed that it will be a great success.

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