Minutes of EFFRA meeting 5th May 2016



Minutes of Meeting

held in the Parish Room on 5th May 2016


Present:          Vice Chairman            Vivien White

James Brennan, H.Manton, R.McKinney,

Ian Smith, James Wetenhall


  1. Apologies for absence: David King, Juliet Newton-Smith, Kay Palmer


  1. Election of Chairman: Following the resignation of Chris Dick on 1st May for personal reasons the election of a new chairman was held. Vivien White elected, proposed by HM, seconded by JB. No other nominations. Unanimous vote in favour including proxy votes of the officers David King and Juliet Newton-Smith.

The Committee recorded its thanks to Chris Dick for his two years as Chairman. His tenure has been marked by his humour and hard work on behalf of the village.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting: 28-4-16, to be considered at next meeting as this meeting called for one item only.
  2. Draft Leaflet for Residents on Local and Neighbourhood Plans.
  • It was agreed to issue a 4 page (folded A3) leaflet to residents.
  • Draft considered and Vivien White and Howard Manton to finalise, but decision on issue to await receipt of pre-app by the Parish Council (expected in week of 8th May) when leaflet might need further amendment.



Next meeting: Parish Room, Thurs. 12-5-16, 20.00hrs.


V. White iss.             8.05.16

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