Minutes of EFFRA meeting 12th May 2016



Minutes of Meeting

held in the Parish Room on 12th May 2016


Present:          Chairman                     Vivien White

Treasurer                     Juliet Newton-Smith

James Brennan, Roland McKinney, Ian Smith, James Wetenhall

Guest                           Harry Clarke


  1. Apologies for absence: David King, Howard Manton, Kay Palmer.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting: 5-5-16, approved with amendment


  1. Matters Arising

GGG are organising a Road Show on the draft local Plan and one may be held in Effingham.


  1. Planning

     JN-S to draft a letter re Tollgate Farm and copy to EPC.

Following the Committee’s agreement to set up a system to notify Road Wardens of planning applications, JW will provide JB with details of planning applications to send to Road Wardens.

  1. Press – Nothing to report


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Current account £988.47 Deposit account £3,817.84


  1. Website Report

     The Committee thanked Harry Clarke who had agreed to take over as editor of the EFFRA website. It was agreed that HC and VW should consider what changes should be made to the website and an editorial policy.

  1. Other Meetings – nothing to report.


  1. Draft Leaflet for Residents on Local and Neighbourhood Plans.

     A draft of the Leaflet for Residents was circulated and agreed. The Parish Council was intending to issue the draft Neighbourhood Plan under Regulation 14 at the beginning of the week commencing 15th June. It was agreed that the EFFRA leaflet should be printed once Regulation 14 had been announced and passed to Road Wardens for distribution as soon as possible. Action VW & JB



Next meeting: Parish Room, Thurs. 16-6-16, 20.00hrs. later changed to 23-6-16, 20.00hrs


V. White iss.     20.06.16

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