More Houses for Lower Road

Berkeley Homes (Southern) Ltd. has submitted a planning application, 19/P/00703 for the erection of 5 dwellings (2x 2-bed, 3x 3-bed) with associated access, parking and landscape works following the demolition of existing buildings (2x 4-bed dwellings) and outbuildings. At 408 & 410 Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5JP

The site plan shows the relationship of this development, with the houses already agreed in principal on the Effingham Lodge Farm site.

Anyone who wishes to make any comment on the planning application should make their comments by 24 May 2019 to Guildford Borough Council planning department. Details of how to comment on a planning application are available here

3 thoughts on “More Houses for Lower Road”

  1. Okay, so 3 immediate questions:
    1. In the notes for the Effingham/Berkeley Homes Liaison Group meeting (3rd October 2018) it’s stated 4 houses would be put on this plot of land. So now it’s 5. Why wasn’t this plot of land included in the original proposals?
    2. Is this the start of Berkeley Homes bringing forward more small plots of land around the areas they’re developing, so that cumulatively Effingham ends up with even more than the 300-odd homes this currently totals?
    3. Will this be rolled into the Section 106 calculations so that the original sum is increased slightly (every penny helps)?

  2. This piece of land was included in the original purchase of the land by Berkeley Homes. In answer to Jeremy’s question 1, I suspect there were tenancy/lease issues to be sorted out on these two houses, though I don’t know for sure. And of course why include this bit if they didn’t need to? They can now make themselves some extra profit.
    On 2, there is nothing to stop BH or any other developer for that matter buying land and trying for planning approval. I’m not aware at the moment of any other land in BH ownership, although I am aware they have an interest in developing the bit between the new school playing fields and Effingham Common Road, though they don’t own it (yet). That is still definitely green belt, and the newly adopted Local Plan would make it harder for BH to get permission there as they can no longer plead lack of a five-year housing land supply.
    Sadly, on 3. , we can’t use this in the S106 calculations as that was specifically based on the appeal scheme.

    1. Lower road garden centre will be next no doubt it will not stop now they have had a green light on green belt land

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