Object to 110 homes on the Green Belt

Object now to the proposal to build an extra 110 homes on the Green Belt.

Berkeley Homes now claims that rebuilding the school is no longer financially viable and wants to build even more homes to make the project feasible. They have submitted two more planning applications. The first is to change the conditions imposed by the Secretary of State for building of the new school for the Howard, and the second is to build an extra 110 homes. They have given no guarantees that they will not ask for even more homes if these applications are approved.

Don’t be misled by Berkeley Homes propaganda. The project was financially viable at the time of the appeal. This is inappropriate development on the Green Belt.

If you wish to object, you need to do so for both planning applications because they are linked. Click on https://effinghamresidents.org.uk/objection-to-110-homes

Please share the link, and encourage every member of your household and friends to submit an objection, because every individual objection counts.

1 thought on “Object to 110 homes on the Green Belt”

  1. The local infrastructure cannot cope with this huge overdevelopment. Please do not grant planning permission for either of the planning applications.

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