Parish Councillor Arrested Following Incident at Traveller Encampment

An Effingham parish councillor was breathalysed and arrested this morning (August 25, 2017) after he had blocked the entrance to playing fields where Gypsies and Travellers are encamped.

Several members of the encampment spent an hour attempting to persuade Cllr James Nicholls to move his car, which he had used to block the entrance of the King George V playing fields, before the police were called by a concerned nearby resident. Once called police officers arrived within minutes.

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2 thoughts on “Parish Councillor Arrested Following Incident at Traveller Encampment”

  1. Why are Surrey Police arresting a local councillor who is representing the needs of the local residents, while they are standing by and allowing illegally camped travellers to go back and forth as they please?

    1. Anyone committing a criminal offence deserves to get arrested. No one is above the law.
      Unfortunately the illegal traveller occupation is a civil matter and not a criminal matter.


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