Parking problems at KGV

There have been complaints about the cars parked in Browns Lane. On Saturday (18 July), the parking was so bad that the Police had to be called to deal with.

Given that Government guidance has changed, and pubs and cafes are now allowed to reopen, whilst still following Covid-19 guidance. People are wondering why the KGV car park is still closed. The wooden logs have now been removed, which were inserted when there was an illegal Travellers intrusion in the village in May.

Loolabells open air cafe is open, and the Nursery is using the KGV Hall. So it seems strange that the car park remains closed. There are also car parking problems in front of the KGV gates on the A246, despite a sign clearly stating “No Parking”. However, the logs are still present in front of the gates.

If there was a medical emergency in the KGV Hall or playing fields, it is difficult to see how an ambulance could access the site due to the parking problems.

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  1. I am sorry for the continued closure of the KGV car park. I am not sure why there were so many vehicles in Browns Lane on Saturday when we only had one booking and parking for that event had been arranged at the Howard School – in order to take the parking well away from the Lane.
    The logs were put in place as a temporary measure while we awaited the installation of increased security and then they removed recently to allow for that installation. Unfortunately, the installation was delayed, twice. I am assured that this will happen now on this Friday and I have promised the vicar that we will do our best to get the gates open in time to help alleviate parking for the Farmers Market on the 25th. In the meantime, the ambulance service have a record of the codes for emergency access to the fields via the main gate.
    If anyone would like more information, I would urge you to get in touch with me directly, although I welcome the opportunity to share the facts more widely via the EFFRA web site.
    Many thanks, Bob Austin, General Manager, KGV 01372 451925

  2. The reason the parking is so bad is that even though there are no events scheduled, the playing fields are open to all members of the public for use at any time…
    We do pay for this as and extra as part of our council tax, as we are a parish.
    As a resident in Barnes Wallis Close and having lived in Effingham all my life, it does create an atmosphere, its like having rugby events every day in Effingham at the moment..
    The quick opening of this car park whether more security is needed or not (its been fine for the last 50 years! Travellers or not!) Should really be considered as an emergency for the safety of local residents who pay for this and for the continued use of our amazing field!

    1. Again, why are they still closed? It doesn’t mean anything for the emergency services to know the codes if for one, they cannot get down Browns Lane because of all the cars parked and for two, the entrance is blocked at both entrances.

      This is a serious breach of health and safety to anyone who is visiting the park which is open to the public which could even result in death due to emergency services being unable to access the park in large part due to the lack of foresight and proper planning by those elected to be making decisions on behalf of the safety of all those who enjoy our park.

      It’s also crippling businesses such as Loolabells who have had their footfall severely reduced due to the parking inexplicably remaining closed. As well as the parents of children attending the playgroup having to park across a busy, overpopulated road increasing the risk of children having to access the car on a main road, that is permanently overpopulated, with kids appearing potentially walking out between the ridiculous amount of parked cars.

      Not to mention the Social Club, which is struggling enough already and severely at risk of being shut down forever, despite continuous plans to respect the guidelines as offered by the government when reopening drinking establishments. This community’s one of two drinking public houses in the area, is STILL paying the EVRT rent and bills, whilst NOT being allowed to reopen, with NO adequate reasons given (just like no adequate response has been given as to why the car park is STILL locked to the public.

      And as for the residents, increased road congestion on our tiny roads, this has even caused a bin lorry to catch on fire last week on Browns Lane, with the emergency services unable to respond to this dangerous event due to the blocked road, causing substantial damages to vehicles parked on the road so that they could put the fire out.

      The EVRT have not once given a satisfactory response as to why the gate remains locked, to why local businesses that they are responsible for are suffering and why the safety of everyone and the residents in the area are beyond their concern.

      You should all be totally ashamed and held accountable for your outright dangerous negligence of every single resident and visitor to this wonderful park.

      The entire community has a vote of no confidence in you. Sort it out and sort it out FAST.

  3. I think it’s ridiculous that the caright park isn’t open…. still!!
    Last week on many occasions whilst picking my children up from school I had to take the pushchair on the busy road on the corner of Barnes wallace close. It’s a very dangerous blind corner and anything could have happened!
    Everyone bangs on about safety . Where’s the safety for us pedestrians?! The gates need to be opened ASAP. It’s not OK to have to put the lives of my children in danger just to walk down the road!

  4. Have the KG5 clubroom and other facilities reopened yet? Have the KG5 trustees issued a formal reason as to why the gates remain closed? Certainly I see no reason why they should remain closed but perhaps there is some strong valid reason of which we are unaware? Even so we should be advised, as this is a community resource which we as residents fund.

  5. On the positive side, my daughter is enjoying the ability to roller skate in the car park!
    However, the ‘added security’ really is locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

  6. Well in the words of Oliver Hardy “what a fine mess you have got us into”. Firstly lets start at the beginning. Who would have thought last October we would find ourselves
    in this position. Then lockdown came in and all formal activity was stopped and EVRT shut the playing fields within government guidelines, remembering KGV has two public footpaths running through them, FP 118 and 119 it is almost impossible to seal off KGV. I feel this was and is accepted.


    During the lockdown there was a serious invasion by itinerants on Effingham Lodge Farm (please note, I describe these people as itinerants NOT gypsy Roma)

    During the lockdown, I happened to witness an attempted break in on KGV that night of the Wednesday. It was a white Male with a small white flat bed van armed with a petrol driven 355mm diamond cutter . We were very lucky that night as the machine he was using would start but it would not run and after about 10 minutes he gave up and left. During this time I called the Police and gave a running commentary and told “under no circumstances engauge” I was told an officer had been dispatched but never arrived.

    The next day, first day I informed Mike Agius (EVRT) and Ian Symes (Parish Council) and made it very clear it was possible this might have been a splinter group from Effingham Lodge Farm although this was a couple of days later.

    I was the resident who witness this situation. I have been accused of stating this was the Gypsies I NEVER SAID THIS , I reported on the night ( it could have been anybody, when I reported this, and I said it for all we know it could be a member of the Royal Family

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