Proposed increase of the Parish Council Precept

In the Minutes of the last Effingham Parish Council (EPC) meeting, it is noted that the councillors discussed an increase of the annual budget from £124,202 to £138,302 – a rise of 11%. The money for the budget is raised through the Parish precept, which is collected through the council tax system.

The proposed main increases are:

  • Adding a new budget item of Replenishing General Reserves of £5,000
  • Increasing Legal & Planning budget by £5,000 to £10,000 (100% increase)
  • Increasing EVRT budget by £4,000 to £60,000 (7% increase)

In addition an annual inflation increase for the EVRT funding would be considered in October 2023.

The EPC’s precept has increased over the years above inflation, and along with Ripley and Normandy will be one of the largest in the Borough. EPC’s budget since 2016:

  • 2016-17 £62,156
  • 2017-18 £95,486
  • 2018-19 £96,895
  • 2019-20 £115,698
  • 2020-21 £121,770
  • 2021-22 £121,770
  • 2022-23 £138,302 (first draft)

EFFRA will be raising questions about this proposed increase with EPC, and asking EPC to fully explain the reasons for any increase in the budget.

EPC intend to consider a final draft of the budget and precept at the next parish council meeting on Tuesday 28th November at 8pm.

4 thoughts on “Proposed increase of the Parish Council Precept”

  1. Everybody’s budgets are being squeezed. I say this village cannot afford EVRT & KGV and this bottomless black hole money pit must be stopped.

  2. There are a couple more factors which are relevant to the parish council’s budget decision:

    1: Because of a change in the boundary of the parish from April 2023, over 50 houses on Heath View and Heathway will be taken out of Effingham and moved into East Horsley parish. This reduction in the number of houses means that even if the parish council’s budget remained the same, the Band D increase in the precept would be around 6% without any overall increase in spending.

    2. The recent public inquiry into the Berkeley Homes appeal for permission for an additional 114 homes in the green belt cost the parish council around £52,000 to pay for our excellent barrister. I believe the council had the support of most residents in joining that fight. This left our reserves below the level recommended by the parish council auditors. Hence the need to start rebuilding our reserves.

    I have suggested some changes to the draft budget which would restrict the band D increase to around 6%, which is at least below inflation and simply reflects the reduction in the number of households in the parish. This will be included in the parish council’s discussion on Tuesday 29th November.

    1. That’s all very well Liz but the reality is that times are hard. There is very little we can do about Surrey/Guildford throwing money away but we can do something about Effingham PC. The sacred cow known as KGV or EVRT has to go. I believe you once said sheep were the answer: I agree.

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