Proposed Parliamentary Constituency changes

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has published its initial review of the Parliamentary constituencies, which is now open for consultation. Any one who wished to comment on the revised Parliamentary constituencies should do so by 2 August 2021, via the BCE website

Further details about the review is available on the BRE website at

The changes proposed for Effingham means that we would move from the Mole Valley constituency to a new Guildford constituency, as shown on the Guildford constituency map

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is an independent and impartial non-departmental public body, which is responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England

  • The number of constituencies in the South East will increase from 84 to 91 (including two that must be given to the Isle of Wight)
  • By law, every constituency BCE propose – except the two for the Isle of Wight – must contain between 69,724 and 77,062 Parliamentary electors (as at 2 March 2020)
  • As far as possible, BCE try to have regard to local ties, geographic factors, local government boundaries (as they were known at 1 December 2020), existing constituencies, and minimising disruption caused by proposed change
  • BCE use local government wards as the building blocks for proposed constituencies, but will consider splitting a ward where there is a strong case for doing so that helps them better respect the factors above

1 thought on “Proposed Parliamentary Constituency changes”

  1. This will be the third constituency that Effingham has been in in the fifty plus years that my wife and I have lived here. The earliest one was Esher, then of course Mole Valley.
    I consider that it makes sense for Effingham to be in a Guildford constituency.

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