Railway Task Group

East Horsley Parish Council has set up a Railway Task Group which covers both East Horsley and Effingham Junction stations (as Effingham Junction station is actually located in East Horsley).

The Task Group’s objectives are: “To improve the experience of using Horsley and Effingham Junction stations, including their environment, accessibility and facilities.” The Task Group was involved in getting recent work done in Effingham Junction station car park to relieve surface water flooding. A key objective of the Group is to get London bound Level access on both stations as there is currently only level access on the Guildford bound platforms and they have launched a LONDON-BOUND LEVEL ACCESS – LOBLA Campaign.

Effingham is represented on the Task Group by Ian Symes, Effingham Parish Council chairman and Vivien White, Chairman of Effingham Residents Association, but the Group would like more interested Effingham residents to get involved. You can read more details about the activities of the Group and find out how to get involved here and about the LOBLA campaign here.

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