Rats spotted around King George V Playing Fields in Effingham causing concern for children’s safety

Rats have been photographed around the King George V Playing Fields. Bob Austin the manager was unaware of the problem, and is investigating the reports.

The full article can be read here

UPDATE – 29 May 2018 – GetSurrey has now removed the article from their website.

6 thoughts on “Rats spotted around King George V Playing Fields in Effingham causing concern for children’s safety”

  1. This report is concerning. The playground is well used and a number of residents including myself are currently running a popular appeal to upgrade it. I have spent a lot of time there recently and have never seen or been told about a rat problem. I also don’t recognise the photos as being of the KGV – the first one certainly isn’t of the playground and I can’t identify the location of the second photo. Can anyone else help resolve this?

  2. I also cannot identify the photo as pertaining to the KGV playground. More generally, why should anyone attach credence to the report of someone too gutless even to put their own name to their complaint?

  3. Hi, this is loolabell. As many of you know I run the café in the KGV. I spend on average over 60 hours a week at the KGV and can honestly say that not once have I ever seen a rat or been advised by anybody else that they have seen a rat (and I get told about the majority of things affecting the fields). I am here at 6.30 in the morning and don’t leave until past teatime most evenings, when nobody else is about and the area is still, the perfect time for rodents. I collect up the rubbish from the playground on a regular basis and again have never seen any evidence of a so called rat infestation.
    It is sad that our little playground that we are all working so hard at to renovate has been tainted by somebody anonymous who has got it confused with another playground, because they are not images of our playground.

  4. Is this a case of fake news or someone being spiteful? The pictures of the playground were not even on the KGV!

  5. Ive just been over the park with these photos in my phone and honestly cannot find an area that looks like this anywhere on the park.
    Why would GetSurrey not check the reality of these photo’s.
    I have asked the question?!
    I await their response!

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