Response From Sir Paul Beresford MP to draft Local Plan Consultation

Beresford_headshotOur local MP, Sir Paul Beresford, has responded to Guildford’s Local Plan. In his letter published on the Mole Valley Conservatives website, he states:

The position of central government with regard to local planning and development on the Green Belt is clear. Residents have heard in the past comments to the effect of ‘it is the government in Westminster which is forcing us to do this…’ This was not true then and it is not true now. I have met with Ministerial colleagues on multiple occasions and corresponded with the Department for Communities and Local Government at length on the questions of Local Planning and Green Belt policy. The Conservative Government is absolutely committed to Green Belt protection, I would urge the leadership and planners at Guildford Borough Council to closely study both the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the various Ministerial statements published on this topic. The only message one could draw from these needs re-emphasising. There is nothing in national policy which supports, encourages or condones any development on the Green Belt save for the most exceptional – and housing need is acknowledged as not falling into this category.”

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