Results of EFFRA’s Questionnaire to Residents


The EFFRA Committee would like to thank residents for responding to EFFRA’s questionnaire, especially as there were so many other calls on your time this summer.

The outcome of your responses formed the Residents Association position in replies to both the draft Neighbourhood Plan and the Draft Guildford Local Plan. This will also be extremely helpful in our work alongside the Parish Council in defending the Appeal lodged by Berkeley Homes and the Howard School.

A total of 244 completed eligible questionnaires were analysed and the responses are summarised below.  Your responses and comments were extremely helpful and greatly appreciated which have been treated in strict confidence with anonymity applied.

With thanks.

The EFFRA Committee






Do you agree that every effort should be made to protect Effingham’s
Green Belt?




Do you agree that all new development should be directed away from
high sensitivity Green Belt areas?




Do you support insetting the village area identified from the Green Belt?
Note: taking this area out of the Green Belt makes development easier
and two of GBC’s sites The Barn and Church Street almost certainly cannot
be built on without insetting.




Are you in favour of the three sites in the GBC Draft Local Plan with
the minimum housing number of 43?




Do you support the proposed housing target of a minimum of 62 in
EPC’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan?




Do you support the housing proposed by EPC on
Effingham Lodge Farm?




Would you support Q6 above if this set a precedent for wider
development on Effingham Lodge Farm site in the future, including
an appeal by Berkeley Homes and the Howard School ?




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