Sir Paul Beresford comment on the recent BH appeal decision

“I have been clear for a long time that Berkeley Homes proposal to build on our Green Belt is unacceptable. In 2018, Guildford Borough Council (GBC) did not have a Local Plan with sufficient allocated dwelling numbers and so this was a scheme worth exploring. This is no longer the case as the current Local Plan allows for more than sufficient new homes in the borough without the need to touch this precious Green Belt land.

A range of prescient and wholly valid objections were raised when this application was considered including the simple fact that there is not enough room on the site for the number of dwellings proposed and that approval would lead to severe overdevelopment – leaving us with a crowded, town like aesthetic in a rural area which touches both the Effingham conservation area and the Little Bookham conservation area.

I do not believe it is right that we will see the number of houses in Effingham village by nearly 40%. The ‘Very Special Circumstances’ that applied in 2018 no longer hold true and far from being a benefit this development will only further strain our road and traffic networks, drains and other essential infrastructure. In essence, this development would fundamentally change the character and environment of Effingham as a small village.

I am robustly opposed to this proposal and was dismayed that it was allowed on appeal after GBC correctly rejected it. I would now strongly urge GBC, as the relevant local planning authority, to show that they are in tune with the outrage this unjust decision has generated by choosing to fight it in the High Court.

Sir Paul Beresford,
Member of Parliament for Mole Valley”

3 thoughts on “Sir Paul Beresford comment on the recent BH appeal decision”

  1. It is totally ridiculous that the developer can keep appealing against the decisions and wasting our time and money. This development has been rejected and should remain rejected without further discussion.

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