Situation re: KGV and Church Hall Car parks

The KGV and Church Hall car parks remain closed following the recent traveller incursions which have cost both organisations thousands of pounds in bailiff fees, clean-up costs and repair of damage, in addition to the disruption of normal activities by Effingham and other local residents. Both organisations are following police advice and have been advised that there are still traveller incursions in Surrey. As neither organisation can afford another unauthorised traveller incursion, to minimise disruption the Church Hall and EVRT have put in place conditions for the controlled opening of their car parks. These conditions will remain in place until the physical security of the car parks can be improved. Unfortunately, neither organisation currently has the necessary funds, and both are looking at various options to raise them. The Church Hall has started an appeal for funds which you can contribute to here.

Groups using the facilities at the Church Hall or the KGV Hall and Playing Fields are responsible for complying with the reasonable conditions for opening the car parks, but as these involve manning rotas for the gates many groups have been unable to meet the conditions and so the car parks generally remain closed unless the conditions can be met.

Whilst it is quite understandable that people are frustrated with the situation, as are the managers of the two car parks, the organisations are doing their best to resolve the situation and find solutions which will enable the safe opening of the car parks without risking further incursions.

3 thoughts on “Situation re: KGV and Church Hall Car parks”

  1. I’m sorry if this is a really naive question, but there are numerous examples where private parking restrictions apply on private land/roads/car-parks, why fines may be incurred. Merely parking somewhere implicitly agrees to the terms posted.

    Is it simply impossible to enforce such conditions/charges against travellers?

    So don’t restrict access, but post charges for overnight parking and seek to enforce collection. You probably don’t have to do this very often…

    1. Not that simple unfortunately. Collection of any parking fees would be a problem, as it is a civil matter, requiring to go to court to collect any money not paid. And staying overnight in a caravan is probably classified as camping, which probably requires planning permission.

  2. With the car park in kgv closed the grass verge along browns lane is now being damaged by bad parking .Perhaps wooden posts should installed.

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