Solution in Sight for KGV Carpark

After a great deal of research and evaluation of different options, EVRT has found a solution to securing the KGV Playing Fields from unauthorised trespassing and incursions. The scheme, which has been based on advice from the police and security consultants, involves securing the perimeter around the carpark with steel bollards and hoops with a secure gate to the playing fields.

EVRT submitted a detailed request for Community Funds in accordance with the new EPC requirements, and last night (24 November) at the EPC Council meeting, were granted £3,000 towards the costs. It is expected that EVRT will shortly launch a community appeal to raise extra funds towards the costs, and the Parish Council to increase it contribution by up to a further £2,000 in match funding.

It is expected EVRT will be providing an update on their website in the next few days.

It is hoped to begin installation in mid-December, and all the money can be raised.

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