Surrey County Council propose Council Tax increase

David Hodge, leader of Surrey County Council, in a video message, explains that the proposed County Council Tax increase will be presented to the Cabinet next week (w/c 28 January 2018), and to the full Council on Tuesday 6 February.

In the video, David Hodge explains that despite all the savings already made, the Council will be faced with a shortfall of £39 million this coming financial year (2018/19), and £86 million the following year (2019/20). The proposal is to increase the Council Tax by 3% plus a further 3% for social care. It is not until 2020/21 when the new system for funding County Councils will be introduced. In addition to the proposed increase in Council Tax, it can be expected that there will be further cut to services in order to meet budgets.

The video can be seen here

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