Temporary Village Supermarket funding to be considered by EPC on 14 May

Effingham Parish Council will review an application by Effingham & Little Bookham Church Council to set-up a Temporary Village Supermarket in Lyla’s Cafe in the Street, at an Extraordinary Council meeting on 14 May at 8pm. The virtual meeting will be held using Zoom software, downloadable from https://zoom.us/
For this specific meeting, please use the following loggins:
Meeting ID 864 8336 8732
Password 552197

Full details are available on the Parish Council website here

Effingham Parish Council has received a request from a group of
local volunteers that is Chaired by the Reverend Mandy MacVean,
on behalf of Effingham and Little Bookham Parish Parochial Church
Council, for part funding support to help set-up a temporary village
supermarket (TVS) in Effingham. The aim would be to provide a
food shop which is easily accessible for elderly and vulnerable
people in the village and families who rely on benefits, during the
period when the Village Supermarket and Bevans Butchers are
closed following the fire on 21st April. The TVS would be located in
Layla’s Cafe on The Street during the period when the cafe is closed
during the coronavirus emergency, and the TVS would be managed
by a volunteer Management Team.

Some further funding is expected to be available as a grant from
Guildford Borough Council’s ‘Aspire’ scheme, for which they will
make an application and the Parish Council is asked to provide
additional funding to ensure the TVS can be set up and stocked as
soon as possible. The Management Team is taking advice from
GBC’s Environmental Health officers to ensure food safety and
social distancing in the TVS and has the required permissions to
trade from the location from the landlord and GBC. The TVS will
plan to be open for 3 or 4 hours a day 5 days a week and will be run
by local volunteers. No one will take any payment for their time,
and all funds will go towards setting up and stocking the store.

An informal working group of parish councillors met via Zoom on
7th May, and agreed to recommend that the Parish Council agree as

The Parish Council agrees to provide up to £5,000 for start-up
costs for the TVS from the Community Fund, and authorises the
Chairman and Clerk to pay the required amount on receipt of a
satisfactory estimate of these costs from the TVS Management

The Parish Council agrees that the funding is given on the
assumption that any surplus available when the TVS is no longer
needed and ceases operation will be repaid to the Community

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