The Intriguing Mystery of the Tyrrell Cup

Can anyone help solve an intriguing village mystery?

Two sports cups have been found at a property in Guildford belonging to the Diocese. When cleaned up they proved to be two cups for the Effingham Sports Day held in the 1950s. One is called the Challenge Cup for the Annual Walking Race but the other is more intriguing. It is called The Tyrrell Cup for the 880 Yard Flat Race and was presented by Gerald Sanders in memory of Ronald Tyrrell. The last winner was E.S. Sayers in 1956. Ronald Tyrrell is thought to have been Ronald George Tyrrell, the son of Edward Tyrrell and Gwendoline Tyrrell (née Bonsey), who lived at 6 Victory Cottages and died aged 26 in 1948. Ronald is buried in the churchyard at St Lawrence.

Does anyone know anything about any of these people or why the cup was given. And does anyone remember the Effingham Village Sports Day where these cups were presented? The fact that they were found onchurch premises suggests a church connection?
The Tyrrell Cup for the 880 Yard Flat RaceChallenge Cup for the Annual Walking Race

2 thoughts on “The Intriguing Mystery of the Tyrrell Cup”

  1. I have studied the genealogy of the Tyrrells quite extensively, including the branch connecting with the Bonseys. Some time ago I scanned and documented a complete family photo album relating to Gwendoline and among the photos is one showing Ronald (“Ron”) George Tyrrell born in 1921. However, I know nothing of the cup.

  2. Edwin Stanley Sayers married my sister Barbara (nee Everitt) in 1955.
    His family lived in Srathcona Avenue.

    I know nothing about the cup.

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