Timetable for Berkeley Homes/Howard Trust Inquiry for Closing Week

The Inquiry is entering its closing week.  All days will be at the Guildford Borough Council offices at Millmead where residents can attend, sitting at the back of the council chamber and being able to enter and leave as they wish.  The first two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) will be taken up with the remainder of the appellant’s witnesses.  On Friday the closing submissions will be heard and a good attendance by residents that day would be helpful.  We will post the starting times for Wednesday and Friday (probably either 9.30 or 10 am) when they have been decided.

Tuesday 30 May, starting at 10.00 am

Appellants’ witnesses

  • T Dobson (Education)
  • T Foxall (Highways)

Wednesday 31 May, starting time undecided

Appellants’ witnesses

  • P Grover (Heritage)
  • J Rhodes (Planning)

Thursday 1st June – No sitting as Counsel will be preparing their closing submissions

Friday 2 June, starting time undecided

Closing Submissions:

  • Guildford Borough Council
  •  Effingham Parish Council
  •  Appellants

2 thoughts on “Timetable for Berkeley Homes/Howard Trust Inquiry for Closing Week”

  1. Friday, the last day of the Inquiry, will start at 9.30 and is expected to only last the morning as the parties give their closing statements. It would be helpful if a good number of residents could attend. (There is no sitting, tomorrow, Thursday).

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