Volunteers help burn up garden rubbish left behind after Traveller Incursion

Today, volunteers helped burn up the garden rubbish that was left behind after the recent Traveller incursion. The unauthorised incursion occurred on 6 September onto the KGV Playing Fields, with the Travellers departing on 15 September, leaving behind a load of rubbish. Guildford Borough Council had removed the general rubbish, but the large pile of garden rubbish was left to the EVRT Trustees to deal with. The KGV Facilities manager organised the volunteers to help burn up the rubbish.

2 thoughts on “Volunteers help burn up garden rubbish left behind after Traveller Incursion”

  1. Does Effingham really have no community-minded landscape gardeners who have a mobile chipper? In any case, KGV has a large wooded area and plenty of hedging, so why not have arrangements in place for disposing of garden waste in a more environmental way? By creating a compost heap, this garden waste could have enhanced an area of the park in the months to come and Effingham could have been more environmentally responsible by avoided polluting the atmosphere as well.

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