Beech Avenue closed over Easter

Beech Avenue from the entrance to St Teresa’s to East Court will be closed from Saturday 30 March to Sunday 21 April. East Court is the first property on the right, and just before the row of properties on the left of Beech Avenue as you travel down Beech Avenue from St Teresa’s.

As previously reported in the post here. SES Water will continue with the replacement of the water main. Work will cease during the school summer term, and will recommence on Saturday 6 July until Wednesday 4 September, where SES Water will be laying the new water main, and then moving services over to the new water main.

The closure of Beech Avenue will mean that there will be no through traffic from Ranmore Common Road to the A246. Residents living south of St Teresa’s will be able to access their properties via Critten Lane from Ranmore Common Road. Residents living north of East Court will be able to access their properties via Beech Avenue from the A246.

The most up to date project information is available on the SES Water website at

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