Michael Connors Funeral

Effingham resident, Michael Connors, who was killed on 28 July whilst driving a horse-drawn buggy, as reported , funeral was held 21 August, and attended by about 80 family members.

The Daily Mail has provided an account of the funeral along with many photographs, in their article entitled “Big Fat Gypsy Funeral: Paddy Doherty sobs as coffin of nephew killed in horse-cart tragedy arrives for funeral after loved ones cruise to his final farewell in fleet of white Rolls-Royces”, which can be read here

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  1. Hi my name is nick gray,im trying to find out more of the loxley family that were or are still residing in Effingham past and present,my grandfather was s pro golfer at Effingham golf club and we have some connection to warren farm…I hAve found a uraihh loxley and his wife Sarah.but would like to investigate this further,if you’d have any info or could point me in right direction I would be much appreciated.thank you again nick gray(Wayne loxley)

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