Donations for full face visor manufacture required

The Churches of St Lawrence, Effingham and All Saints, Little Bookham, are appealing for donations to help make full face visors, via their Facebook page here, which is reproduced below.

“A member of our congregation, Effingham resident Louise Hallam, has been spearheading a local effort to make and assemble “full face visors” to be used by front-line health workers. This project has the willing hands from Effingham and Little Bookham Parish and now needs the cash to fund more materials. You can donate via the Crowdfunder page arranged by Horsley resident Su Johnson (who many will know from the Quaich café in East Horsley). Su works for Crowdfunder who are offering up their platform for free – all funds raised will be used 100% to create and distribute protection for frontline staff.
As well as cash the project needs to get in contact with anyone who might have access to laser cutters and 3D printers that will allow them to step up production. Howard of Effingham and Downsend schools are lending theirs!”

See the
page for more details.


  • donate what you can
  • share with your friends and acquaintances
  • network to find the machines they need

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