Draft Local Plan and Transport Strategy produced together to ensure suitable infrastructure


A bedrock of Guildford Borough Council’s draft Local Plan is the significant programme of transport schemes included. This means the draft Plan will address housing, employment, retail and leisure requirements, supported by suitable infrastructure including transport, education and healthcare. The programme of projects will realise the clear and ambitious Guildford Borough Transport Strategy and infrastructure requirements, which the Council prepared and published in parallel with the draft Local Plan.

Of particular interest to Effingham residents:

The Department for Transport has programmed the transformation of the Wisley interchange junction, where the M25 and A3 connect, into a fully grade separated junction, removing the existing roundabout and traffic lights. A complementary project will see the M25 from Junction 10 to Junction 16 with the M40 widened to four continuous running lanes. After 2020, the A3 is programmed to be widened to three lanes from the Hog’s Back junction with the A31 through to the Stoke interchange junction.

Public consultation, so public can have their say, continues until Monday 18 July 2016

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