Dragon Interview: Sir Paul Beresford – Mole Valley’s MP

You are a New Zealander. How did you come to be an MP in the UK and why this area?
I left New Zealand in the very early 70s and worked in East London as an NHS dentist. London was an exciting place to live. Cosmopolitan, loads to do and a fantastic social life plus professional education. In those days not all areas were seen as safe but if you are a larger Antipodean and unaware, no place was really risky and everywhere was open.

What motivated you to join the Conservative party and get involved in politics?
In the mid/late 70’s I moved to a mixed NHS/private dental practice doing a lot of cosmetic restorative dentistry and living in Putney. In East London, I had found the area terrible with very poor social housing, bad NHS services, high crime, appalling transport and big local taxes.

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