Effingham gives evidence to the Wisley Airfield Public Enquiry

Arnold Pindar, the Chairman of Effingham Parish Council (EPC) and Vivien White, as Chairman of Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA), gave statements to the Wisley Public Inquiry this morning (3 October 2017) objecting to the proposed development and explaining how it would affect our village. Both statements were based on the survey completed by residents between June and July this year and were well received because they were based on residents’ actual views. We would like to thank the 354 residents who completed questionnaires. Copies of the Effingham Wisley Survey Results, the
EPC Statement to Wisley Inquiry and the
EFFRA Statement to Wisley Inquiry can be read here.

Residents mainly from Ockham and Ripley also made statements today and gave passionate and intelligent critiques of the proposed development. They also raised important planning issues including traffic congestion, the loss of migratory birds’ routes and the potential loss of valuable agricultural land if the development goes ahead. Many residents also expressed criticism of Guildford Borough Council for including the Wisley site in their draft Local Plan and for their handling of the planning application and appeal. The Appeal is expected to finish on 20th October, following which the inspector will make his recommendation to the Secretary of State. A decision is not expected until later in 2018.

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