New Road Wardens Required

Can you help Effingham Residents Association, and your fellow residents, as we need Road Wardens to cover the three areas below?

The role is not onerous as it involves delivering three EFFRA Newsletters a year and occasional other communications to houses in their area. Road Wardens also act as channels of communication with the committee to pass on residents’ concerns and are asked to attend at least one of three meetings each year and the AGM. Full details of the role are available in the Road Warden Welcome Letter

EFFRA may not be able to regularly deliver to all these roads if we do not get enough volunteers.

  • Effingham Common (north end) – 16 houses
  • Guildford Road (from traffic lights to Salmond Road incl. Warren Farm and Cottages) – 55 houses
  • Forest Road, Orchard Close, Heathway, Barrington Drive – 27 houses

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